There was a time when cleaning the nozzle with the nozzle cleaning needle did not clean the nozzle perfectly. Eventually I ended up replacing the PTFE tube and the nozzle.

Here is a video I found very helpful from Creality. It helped a lot.

Also, check out the video below that explains how to remove the nozzle without skipping the video frames.

Hope this helps!



Recently, I bought ABS filament to print something like this which needs to be really strong. However, I was a little bit concerned with the potential issues that can come up while printing with ABS.

Fortunately, I found this gem on youtube and watched it multiple times.

I highly recommend this video before you do anything with ABS.

Here are some helpful nuggets with timelines:

2:15 What is ABS?

3:22 Why ABS is hard to print with?

6:43 How to reduce ABS shrinkage issues? Bed Adhesion Hair Spray PEI Sheet First Layer Height percentage tweak

20:27 Control draft air near the printer especially the hotend

26:44 Tweak the design to reduce the shrinkage force

29:34 Mouse ears technique

32:20 How to add mouse ears using Simplify3D

Hope this helps. Enjoy!



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